White Badger Group provides unique opportunities to individuals who rank in the top 2% of their area of specialization. We offer access to some of the most challenging work available in the security industry, and reward innovation by properly acknowledging your contribution to our success. Because we know what it takes to be the best at what you do, we demonstrate our respect and appreciation for your abilities through highly competitive compensation plans, and giving credit where credit is due.


We are also looking for a group of elite individuals capable of demonstrating a genuine command of a broad array of technologies. We provide an environment that will challenge your knowledge, and push you to the edge of your capability. Successful applicants will clearly understand and articulate the boundaries of their competency, and will be prepared to undergo a rigorous examination to demonstrate that understanding.


All positions require:

  • Willingness to travel extensively, including overseas;
  • A U.S. passport or ability to quickly obtain one;
  • U.S. Citizenship with a clean background record in all U.S. States and territories;
  • Ability to pass an extensive background investigation, personal and professional reference checks and a personality profiling assessment;
  • Ability to pass an extensive technical assessment check.

Application Process

To apply for employment at White Badger Group, including full and part-time contracting opportunities, applicants should follow this procedure:

  1. Email your resume in PDF, Microsoft Word, or plain text format to;
  2. Include a cover note stating the role or tasks you are most interested in and capable of contributing;
  3. Indicate your willingness, if any, to relocate within the USA, along with any geographic preferences. (Relocation is not a requirement for employment. Occasionally, however, our customers request that our highly qualified staff change location to be closer to their facilities. In such cases, candidates willing to relocate will be given priority.);
  4. Indicate your acceptable maximum percentage of travel in terms of your total time spent traveling versus working from home.
  5. Applicants whose qualifications match White Badger's current requirements will receive notification of their eligibility for consideration within two weeks.
  6. The resumes of qualified applicants who do not match White Badger's current requirements will be retained for a two year period without immediate notification.

White Badger Group prides itself on hiring only the best of the best, and we are confident that our rigorous hiring process ensures that we do just that. If you are ready to be pushed to the edge of your capabilities, we'd like to hear from you!