Company Vision

About White Badger Group

White Badger Group, LLC is a unique professional services firm. We serve a number of high profile enterprise and government clients. White Badger provides consulting and educational services spanning information security, counter-intelligence, software and hardware research and development, security policy development and a wide range of personnel vetting and qualification support services.

But through it all, we remain focused on research: solving what seem to be the hardest and most complex security problems we face today. And because our focus is not selling hardware or software, we are able to out-perform those that do in every respect.

What Sets White Badger Group Apart

White Badger Group is not just another security consulting company. We sell no hardware or software from other vendors. Our primary product is the transfer of knowledge from our team of exceptionally qualified experts to your organization. As such, our primary goal is in acquiring and maintaining the best talent in the world. This drives everything we do, and it shows. Some of the claims we make may seem outlandish, but with the way we work, nearly anything is possible.

Where We're Going

White Badger's trajectory is extremely steep. We aim to be nothing but the best in the industry, and make decisions on a daily basis to keep that goal in sight. Our future will be the same as our past: work with only the best customers on only the most demanding projects.

Company History and Ownership

Events Leading to This Point

Chief Technology Architect Jason Thacker and CEO Marshall Thacker founded White Badger Group, Inc. in 2006 to serve primarily small to medium size financial institutions. Chief Technology Officer Paul Williams founded Gray Hat Research Corporation in 2003 to serve large enterprises, the U.S. intelligence community and military, U.S. defense contractors and friendly foreign intelligence agencies.

In December 2010 White Badger Group, Inc. and the assets of Gray Hat Research Corp. combined into a single corporate entity known as White Badger Security, Inc. In June 2012, the newly combined staff of White Badger Security was reorganized as a new Limited Liability Corporation (White Badger Group, LLC). The combined entity now known as White Badger Group, LLC is based in Allentown, Pennsylvania USA.

The company is wholly owned by:

  • CEO and President William Marshall Thacker;
  • Chief Technology Architect Jason Thacker; and,
  • Chief Technology Officer Paul Williams.
Our Namesake - The Legend

Name selection for a uniquely different company can be a daunting task, and there is a story behind the name White Badger Group. Our goal was to select a name that conveyed the essence of what computer hacking has always been - "the challenge of the hunt, deception and conquest"! Most hackers invest countless hours, focused on bypassing all of your security efforts, hacking their way into your system to get the valuable information. Why? Because almost everything you have has value, it can be exploited for a profit!

While traveling through Yellowstone National Park we stumbled upon the legend of the White Badger. It is reported that when this rare and elusive animal was on the trail of his prey there was no stopping him, relentlessly focused in his attack, the prey seldom escaped. It is storied that even the grizzly bear did his best to avoid an encounter with the White Badger.

To ensure your network security, the staff at White Badger must also be willing to be relentlessly focused in our efforts to stress test and evaluate your network's security. We must maintain the highest level of intellectual focus to ensure we have utilized the most recent tools an attacker would use to gain unauthorized access.

White Badger Group is proud to share the name of a legend that symbolizes our commitment to securing your IT environment.

Several clients have suggested that the "White" in our name represents the "White Hat Hackers", and the "Badger" represents the relentless nature of hacking. Either way, you can be assured you are getting the best network security resources available in the industry when you call on the experts at White Badger Group. We are committed to the endless pursuit of securing your data from the illegal intrusion and unauthorized use by the dark side.

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