Marshall Thacker

President/Chief Executive Officer

Marshall Thacker is an accomplished corporate leader and entrepreneur, with a history in managing and growing large and small businesses. He started his career with Xerox Corporation managing technical groups engaged in the all-new office automation and networking technologies, which saw the deployment of some of the first ever networked workstations. Later he moved on to building relationships with and managing national accounts, focusing on high-speed data center printing. After 17 years with Xerox, he made a move to get more involved with the software side of business. He then spent 5 years working as COO of Maxwell Resources / Synergy Software building products that served the needs of a newly emerging Internet communications market. He was involved with industry leading products that included terminal emulation, e-mail, and high-end scientific graphing software.

Prior to founding White Badger Group, Inc. in 2006, he founded Marketing Partners in 1996. Focused on marketing for financial institutions, Marketing Partners started as a small firm with three employees. Under Marshall's leadership, Marketing Partners grew to a 42-person organization with over $5M in revenues.

With over 40 years of business experience ranging from fortune 50 companies to new business startups, Marshall brings to White Badger Group a vast range of experience. While his focus now is on managing the day-to-day operations, our rapid growth will result in the addition of highly qualified people.

Moving forward with White Badger Group, Marshall will serve as the interim CEO, where he will handle finances and non-technical day-to-day operations. With continued growth, and as various operational functions get delegated, Marshall will move to a management position where he will serve to oversee the company's growth and direction.

Marc Mori

Director of Strategic Alliances

Marc Mori, CFE, CEH, ACFE, SECURITY+, M.A., is a Senior Instructor and Director of Strategic Alliances for Pennsylvania-based White Badger Group.

Prior to joining White Badger in May 2016, Marc served for 24 years as an FBI Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent leading proactive investigations in intelligence, counterterrorism, counterintelligence, fraud, cargo theft, and auto theft. Marc was recruited by the FBI in Honolulu and has served in San Diego, San Juan, and Houston. Marc’s international experience includes time in Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, France, and Germany.

Marc’s first assignment at FBIHQ in 2007 was working on Special Projects and Sensitive Technology Deployments. Prior to coming to ITADD, Marc supervised a counterterrorism squad in Houston and specialized in threats emanating from Africa, Homegrown Violent Extremists (HVEs) and the protection of foreign officials. Marc has been an active member of the community, giving presentations before the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS), the World Affairs Council, British Petroleum, Lone Star College, the Energy Capital Partnership, and Rotary International. Marc was a UCLA ROTC Distinguished Military Graduate and served as an infantry officer with the U.S. Army in Germany during the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Marc retired in April 2016 from the FBI as interim Assistant Section Chief of the Enterprise Data Analytics Section (EDAS) with the IT Applications and Data Division (ITADD) at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., working to facilitate a secure cloud-based solution for EDAS’ analytic tools while encouraging collaboration to develop a unified user interface to simultaneously access all of EDAS’ applications.

Marc has a bachelor’s degree from UCLA in Geography, as well as a master’s degree in Management. His certifications include: Computer Forensic Examiner (FBI), HUMINTOR (FBI), Certified Police Instructor (FBI), Certified Fraud Examiner (ACFE), Security+ (CompTIA), Certified Ethical Hacker (EC Council), Global Oil and Gas Management (Thunderbird), and Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies (Stanford). Marc was selected by Rotary International as a 2016 Rotary Peace Scholar. Marc is fluent in Spanish.

Paul Williams

Chief Technology Officer

Paul Williams, ACE, CAS, IAM, IEM is the Chief Technology Officer of Pennsylvania-based White Badger Group. Paul is a nationally recognized authority on the white hat defender side of network security.

Paul has thirty-eight years of breakthrough innovation in cyber security, artificial intelligence, high speed databases, professional software development, software quality test engineering, electronics, communications, mechanical engineering, weapons development and defense related technologies. Paul is certified in the U.S. National Security Agency’s InfoSEC Assessment Methodology and InfoSEC Evaluation Methodology and is a Licensed Private Investigator in the state of Texas.

Previously Paul was the Chief Technology Officer of Houston-based counter-terrorism and security consulting company International Shield, Inc., as well as the former Chief Technology Officer of Gray Hat Research Corporation of Houston and Chief Technology Officer of defense contractor Galaxy CSI of Washington, D.C. serving the United States intelligence community. Over the years, Paul has earned an unparalleled reputation across the country for an extensive array of effective cyber security defense solutions and for leading and rapidly solving complex cyber-crime investigations through a variety of innovative and proprietary techniques. As a result, Paul has consulted for and provided tactical and strategic security guidance to numerous Fortune 500 businesses and local, state, and federal government agencies.

Paul has extensive experience in the energy sector securing electric utilities and gas transmission facilities securing SCADA/DCS process control equipment. He has also performed cyber, physical and social engineering “Red Team” penetration tests for multiple electric power utility process control facilities on behalf of the Electric Power Research Institute, an electric power industry-funded technology research organization based in Palo Alto, California. Paul is a co-inventor of White Badger’s Logic Chain Stateful Activity Whitelist (ChainSAW™) cyber security technology, U.S. Patent No. 9,245,147.

Paul is an active public speaker who regularly draws coverage from radio, television and print media. He conducts scores of high profile cyber-security speaking engagements nationally and internationally every year attracting large audiences. Paul is consistently featured at seminars and conferences conducted by prestigious national organizations including the United States Secret Service, U.S. Department of Justice, InfraGard, ACP, ASIS, IIA, ISACA, ISSA, and universities and colleges across the nation.

Paul’s passion for computer technology began with his first computer in 1983: a 2K RAM memory Z80 Timex-Sinclair 4-chip microcomputer which he programmed using machine code to solve an astrophysics problem involving the velocity of light. As a result of Paul's special skills in the field of computer security, over the years he has collected a wide assortment of hacking tools, worms, Trojan Horses, and computer viruses for advanced research purposes. His personal collection of 24,000 computer viruses and 1,700 Trojan Horses is used by White Badger for advanced malware research.

Jason Thacker

Vice President and Chief Technology Architect

Jason Thacker, CISSP, CEH, is Chief Technology Architect for White Badger Group. Jason is a highly experienced vulnerability assessment and risk assessment expert with a long consulting background in enterprise IT network environments. Jason has led scores of security assessments and investigations for organizations ranging in size from small business to large Fortune 40 enterprises.

Jason both a generalist with an extremely broad background in all facets of IT, and a deep vertical specialist, with extensive personal experience in researching, designing, implementing, administrating, and maintaining IT and cyber security systems of all types and vendors. Additionally, Jason so unusually adept with multiple types and brands of enterprise network hardware and computer systems that he is affectionately called “Mr. Hardware” within the White Badger security team. As such, Jason is responsible for the secure internal infrastructure used within White Badger Group, and he also maintains White Badger’s vast hardware and software repository. Jason is also a co-inventor of White Badger’s Logic Chain Stateful Activity Whitelist (ChainSAW™) cyber security technology, U.S. Patent No. 9,245,147.

Jason is responsible for leading White Badger’s onsite and offsite consulting engagements with financial institutions and large enterprise commercial and government customers. Jason is also serves as one of White Badger’s primary class room instructors. Jason is adept at using innovative and diverse analogies to efficiently communicate the finer points of complex technology to his students.