Holistic Security Consulting

While many of our offerings are structured and serve a specific goal, White Badger Group also offers flexible consulting services to fit any project your organization may have. White Badger Group's team of generalists and specialists can work independendly, or as part of a team; onsite or offsite. Contact us today for pricing and availability.

Our Approach to Security

For companies that are struggling to get up to speed on information security, White Badger Group offers a comprehensive group of services designed to maintain existing policies and shore up defenses against specific threats. Our approach is a holistic one, combining three distinct security disciplines: cyber-security, physical security, and human behavior factors.

Cyber Security

If an organization is experiencing consistent hacker probes, denial of service attacks or other well-aimed assaults on its information systems, White Badger is available to troubleshoot the immediate problem, put specific preventative measures in place, and assist in attempts to identify, apprehend and prosecute the offenders. Rather than serve as a "Lone Ranger" who disappears once the trouble is past, White Badger Group strives to educate information professionals in its practices to create a more effective defense against future attacks. In many cases, this training is part of White Badger Group's comprehensive managed security package.

Physical Security

There is more than one way to compomise a company's intellectual assets. If it can't be reached electronically, aggressive criminals will endeavor to access it in person. While this is a bold manuever, it is often effective because it is unexpected. Our experts can assess your physical security measures and assist in hardening your offices and facilities against the most enterprising criminal tactics.

Human Factor

Effective human interaction is one of the most critical components in an organization's success. It is also the greatest liability. When cyber and physical defenses are strong, an enterprising criminal mind will seek to exploit an organization through its people. We understand the tension of controlling access to propriety information while ensuring mission-critical data is available for consistent business operations. We know how to develop policies, procedures, and training programs to ensure your organization does not fall victim to social engineering or other human factor threats.

Security Consulting Services

In today’s environment, information security has become a key focus for all industries. Our consulting services include:

  • Cybercrimes Enterprise Network Investigations
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Information Security Education and Training
  • Contract Research and Development
  • Security Policy and Procedure Development
  • Human Resources Support Services
  • Secure Network Design
  • Competitive Product/Service Assessment
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