Training - Personnel Psychological Profiling

WBG’s personnel profiling expertise is offered as both a consulting service and a class.

All classes are taught by experienced WBG instructors with real world expertise.

Our four-day class centers on covert psychological profiling and cyber-crime threat modeling analysis techniques – investigative approaches that are complex, but once mastered yield far faster results than standard digital forensic investigation techniques.

The covert psychological profiling section of the class focuses on identifying suspects swiftly, precisely and covertly - without their knowledge or willing participation.

Class attendees also learn sophisticated threat modeling and analysis techniques which correlate seemingly unrelated or anecdotal information in order to detect, track and solve sophisticated network attacks and intrusions in a fraction of the time typically required.

Class Motto:

“No logs, no evidence, no suspects, and no obvious place to begin? NO PROBLEM!”

About the Training

Our Personality Profiling & Threat Modeling class teaches students a variety of undercover personality profiling methods which can be used to rapidly and comprehensively evaluate investigation targets and employee workforce personnel without their knowledge or willing participation.

This course teaches class participants how to understand subjects under evaluation, versus merely testing them. Students leave the class able to covertly obtain a detailed understanding of any given target subject's personality, character flaws, hidden internal conflicts, personal limitations and concealed goals and motivations, all without the subject's knowledge or willful cooperation.

Our personality profiling process can be used at its most basic level to improve the quality of an organization's workforce, or to uncover unknown employee insider threats buried within an organization. The most advanced edition of our class is directly applicable to the needs of government agencies engaged in national security intelligence collection and counter-intelligence.

Who Should Attend Ideal class participants include:
  • U.S. intelligence agencies
  • Friendly foreign intelligence agencies
  • Law enforcement organizations
  • Licensed Private Investigators
  • Human Resource professionals
  • Hiring Managers and Executives

Our line of profiling classes is divided into three levels of permitted attendance based on content sensitivity, with each level designed around the needs of customers authorized for that level(1). For more information, contact us.

What You Will Learn

Class participants will learn White Badger Group's undercover personality profiling system. Our system is useful for assessing personnel in a comprehensive, rapid and cost-effective manner. A major class focus is teaching participants how to operate the system in a completely undetected, undercover manner.

This is possible because the subject's knowledge or willing participation is not necessary for our system to work. In fact, the subject will never know he or she has been targeted and profiled by the system, unless he or she is intentionally so informed by the profiler.

Disclaimers and Conditions

1. White Badger Group will carefully review the background and credentials of all non-law enforcement applicants. White Badger Group reserves the right to reject any and all non-law enforcement applicants for any reason without explanation. Alternatively, White Badger Group may elect to modify the class content to reduce the sensitivity sufficient to match certain groups of non-law enforcement applicants.