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Executive Mentoring

A company's security culture begins at the top of the organization. While policies and enforcement will close some gaps, the most effective method is empowerment through education. Through our executive mentoring programs, we empower corporate leaders to create, communicate and manage successful security initiatives across the entire enterprise.

Security Awareness Training

Security programs must educate employees in proper procedures and build feelings of pride and ownership in their work and the protection of corporate assets. Physical, personnel, and information security programs and crime prevention surveys are all vital components of a total security system. Gray Hat Research Corporation considers all of these facts when designing or analyzing a security program.

Technical Security Training

We have the depth of expertise necessary to train your most experienced IT and security professionals in the practical application of genuine security principles. Rather than teaching them how to use a new software or hardware product, we will educate them in the proper configuration of existing assets to increase your security posture.

Law Enforcement

Our four-day cyber-forensics and hacker profiling class is designed specifically to give law enforcement and investigative professionals the edge they need as they work to bring criminals to justice. This class is regularly attended by officers and staff from the Secret Service, the FBI, state, county and city law enforcement agencies, as well as numerous corporate and government contractors.

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