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You don’t need your IT experts taught by teachers who aren’t experts, or by experts who aren’t teachers. You also don’t need experts who aren’t world-class enterprise IT network security experts instructing your IT experts. While what they teach might be nice for limited IT environments, their advice typically doesn’t work well in large scale, distributed enterprise IT environments.

What you need is industry-leading expertise, natural teaching ability and state-of-the art instruction material combined in one package. When nothing but the best will do, you need White Badger Group.

Key to our classroom success is our insistence on real world expertise. All of our instructors have years of personal hands-on consulting expertise across a wide array of customer environments and consulting projects ranging from financial institutions to large scale Fortune 40 enterprise IT environments. And our acclaimed, animated classroom training material is based exclusively on real-world enterprise cybercrime investigation cases which were personally worked by our instructors teaching our classes.

Our emphasis on real-world expertise sets White Badger apart from many of our competitors, who use base their material around hypothetical examples created for their classes. The element of actual case history example dissection holds our student’s attention and commands their respect. It also is a reflection of the real life expertise that our class instructors personally have exhibited for years as professional consultants for the White Badger security team.

Add it up and it is no wonder that our educational approach is recognized for its ability to convey and explain complex security technology concepts to our students in an understandable and actionable manner across a wide range of competency levels.

When you want true industry experts instructing your experts, you need White Badger Group. Give us a call now.

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