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Enterprise IT is a big enough of a problem on your hands already. You don't need a security company that will give you a list of still more problems for you to have to research and fix. You don't need problems. Instead, what you need are solutions.

Enter our enterprise Strategic Risk Reduction Plan.

Our Strategic Risk Reduction Plan is an integrated solutions implementation playbook devised specifically for your unique needs. The focus of our strategic plans is specific, actionable solutions for every aspect of your IT enterprise, not just a prioritized list of problems. Here is an overview of the two biggest benefits of our Strategic Plans:

Immediately Actionable Recommendations

Receive a detailed, custom-produced, step-by-step strategy for remediating as many security vulnerabilities as possible in your enterprise IT environment for the least possible network services downtime, capital costs and remediation effort.

As a representative example, consider a list of 100 different cyber security vulnerabilities as typically produced by other security consulting companies. Most of these vulnerabilities will likely never be fixed for a variety of reasons you are all too familiar with. Contrast this with our Strategic Risk Reduction Plan custom generated for your unique IT enterprise.

Although we are very likely to find a considerably longer list of cyber security vulnerabilities than the 100 problems found by our competitors in this example, you won't receive a list of those problems.

Instead, what you will receive is a comprehensive actionable remediation strategy designed to eliminate or mitigate the great majority of all your information risk exposure, including those 100+ vulnerabilities, with as few as 10 steps involving little or no network downtime and minimal or no capital expenditure. Every risk exposure and technology implementation, configuration, deployment variable is carefully thought out and thoroughly researched by our expert team and custom designed to fit your specific enterprise IT environment, technology deployments, business goals, and more.

The result: immediately actionable risk reduction recommendations that save you time, money, effort, worry, cost and downtime without the usual headache. Our team of seasoned superbly experienced enterprise IT experts takes care of all the heavy lifting by doing all of the extensive research and implementation planning that is required for a working solution for your unique enterprise.

Root Cause Design Level Solutions

Using the same IT infrastructure equipment as you have now, our team of experts will produce an updated network architecture design for your consideration that is specifically engineered to perform faster, function more reliably, scale better, and with a significantly greater inherent level of cyber security baked into every aspect of the design from scratch –all with reduced total cost of network ownership over your existing design and at a penalty of no additional network downtime to deploy.

The result: reduced network ownership costs which typically exceed our cost to design and plan it all for you. You end up with substantially reduced risk with increased functionality, reliability and scalability, all at less than zero total cost.

Bottom line: no other consulting company in the nation can match the risk reductions we provide for the total dollars spent, never mind do so in the substantially shorter time frames we require to complete our work.

And because we are vendor-neutral, our recommendations are unbiased and made in the best interest of our clients, not the security product vendors. Our systematic methodology consistently adds value by protecting information and meeting business requirements through our Balanced Security™ approach.

How do we do all this?

First of all, our cyber security consultants are the most technically advanced in the business. We routinely solve complex information security problems that stump even our nation's largest consulting companies. Our personnel are industry experts in the assessment, design, and implementation of highly secure and resilient enterprise and government networks. The majority of White Badger's key personnel have a decade or more real world experience, many with substantial backgrounds in national security work for the United States military, intelligence community or major U.S. defense contractors.

Secondly, our comprehensive vulnerability assessment process is exhaustively thorough in depth and breadth, encompassing all aspects of the network infrastructure and all systems under review. This includes but is not limited to the effectiveness as applicable of the perimeter, firewalls, routers, switches, Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), DNS, remote access, enterprise authentication, servers of all operating system types, databases and applications. Our cost saving, analytical approach further encompasses a high level review of our clients' business processes, tools, software, techniques, training, equipment, personnel, written policies and operational procedures which are associated with the scopes of work under review.

In short, we can reduce your measurable risk exposure by upwards of 90% without spending a dime above our consulting fee. We accomplish this feat by through two separate but complementary strategies.

We master the many obscure security settings that already available in modern routers, firewalls, switches, servers and applications, but which are seldom utilized by most cyber security experts in the business. Lastly, we specialize in the obscure art of network reengineering. We move the logical arrangement of infrastructure and authentication devices around relative to each other, in the process obtaining dramatic security improvements typically without any capital expenditure being necessary.

When you need top notch enterprise information security consulting expertise, you need White Badger Group. Give us a call today to explore what our team can do for you.

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