Research and Development

White Badger Group develops better solutions within all aspects of the information security and risk mitigation related market and the broader computer related technology field in general.

White Badger does not conduct incremental research at the present time. Instead, we specialize in complex, "breakthrough" innovation research.

In each field of study, we specialize in addressing an entire generation of technology in a single effort. We accomplish this using our unique method of reversing the normal R&D process. We employ R&D generalists who are non-experts in the field of study to initiate, lead and control our R&D process all the way from team formation, thought seeding, initial concept, and the research process up to and including development of the initial proof-of concept.

Our unique approach prevents our deeply specialized experts from inadvertently dictating our R&D approach through their specializations. This strategy, along with other similarly innovative approaches to R&D, virtually guarantees an "out-of-the-box" solution which virtually always is a generation or more ahead of its time.

Specific White Badger proprietary technologies include:

Software Development
  • High speed "on-the-fly" data cube technology using multiple-dimension arrays of pointers to linked lists to solve complex data mining tasks anywhere from 3,000 to 23,000 times faster than is achievable by commercially available databases running on the same computer hardware;
  • High-speed software logic innovations to optimize programming loops and run hundreds, and even thousands of times faster than originally designed, or to replace them with improved logic algorithms so the bottleneck loops are eliminated;
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms allowing the solution of complex mathematical problems without use of rigid mathematical formulas, in 1/1000th of the time and without need to define every variable in advance;
  • Solution of the proverbial software "chicken-and-egg" scenario, in which a problem defined in terms of its solution is solved by defining both at once, each in full context of the other, by using recursive artificial intelligence logic.
Software Test Engineering
  • Innovations related to the leveraging of one aspect of software functionality to test or facilitate the testing of another aspect of that same software product;
  • Additional proprietary software test engineering automation software, methodology and processes related to altering the underlying conceptual software design and accompanying development lifecycle to achieve substantial gains by facilitating, improving and reducing software test engineering activities later on.
Advanced Concept Development
  • O/S modifications to ensure network control interfaces cannot be used for other than intended purposes in classified environments;
  • High speed wide band communications technology allowing for up to 300% greater data transmission rates over the same radio/microwave frequency bands as conventional technology;
  • "Time-Shift Encryption" for highly classified environments allowing both security and increased transmission rates at the same time;
  • Speedy data destruction utility that securely destroys classified data to DoD standards, yet runs far faster, allowing drastically faster destruction of massive data stores in situations where the underlying hardware is being sold to a commercial environment and thus cannot be physically destroyed;
  • Discovery and identification of covert communications with hostile intent buried in normal appearing network data traffic streams;
  • Carbon-monoxide engine fuel technology;
  • Proprietary differential, symmetrical, statistical, and brute force based methods of analyzing, bypassing, compromising, negating or otherwise deciphering encrypted systems and encryption codes;
  • Psychological based Insider Threat Detection system identifies "insiders" concealed within a secure or classified environment which either have not or cannot be found with other means, often well before they even commit their first criminal act. The system works through indirect obscure indicators such as the way the subject writes his or her resume or other material, interviews for a position, or poses for a photograph. White Badger Group has recently developed a promising new method of reliably screening large numbers of subjects all at once to detect individuals who pose a security threat.
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